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24Winner Review



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Min. Deposit:$200

Up to 100% Bonus

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The Basics


Binary option trading can be truly beneficial for one’s budget, as long as that person has a good background knowledge and intuition in the field of stock exchange. This is the reason why binary option trading has become so popular lately, and people are in a constant search of good binary option platforms. 24 winner is one of the leading providers of these services, due to the numerous perks that they offer for their users. There are various types of accounts, and as you progress in the field of binary option trading, you are bound to explore all of the possibilities. Here are the accounts available at 24 winner.

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 Starter account  


Just like its name suggests, it is the best possible option for newcomers, since it is opened with a minimum deposit of 200$. Once created, the starter account entitles you to a welcoming bonus of 250$, an account manager, risk management tools, web/mobile platforms and a starter guide e-book series. You will also receive 1-on-1 introduction training, E-video library and Newsroom research. You get client protection insurance, but you won’t be able to access off trading hours assistance, trading central report and sms signals. Furthermore, before participating in any trade, you can go with the demo account that simulates the whole process. Once you are confident enough that you know how it works, you will lower your risks.


Pro Account     

Opening a pro account requires you to deposit 1000$, and it gives you the bonus of 500$, but it also entitles you to some additional perks. You will get a professional account manager, advanced e-book materials (along with a starter one like in the previously mentioned package). You will also get 3 hours 1-on-1 training on monthly basis, everything else remains the same as in the starter package.


VIP account

The minimal deposit for VIP account is 5000$, and welcome bonus is 2500$, along with a specialist account manager and unlimited 1-on-1 training. You will also have access to off trading hours assistance and trading central reports & sms signals. Everything else remains the same as with the pro account, and none of the accounts come with 0$ fee and commissions.

There are numerous binary options trading platforms, and all of them offer different accounts, but 24 winner is one of the top players due to the boons users are entitled to. Not only that, but there are also various choices for participating in trades, and all of them offer great rates and the chance to increase your budget in a relatively short amount of time. Choose the starter account until you know for sure how the whole system works ,and as you hone your trading skills, tackle the matter seriously by opting for pro or VIP package. Do not forget to test yourself first with the demo account since that way you will be far more confident in your own skill set, therefore you will be making more judicious investments and calls. It may seem simple, but it takes much more than guessing to succeed in these waters, so feel free to use every guide and training tutorial at your disposal.

Platform:English , Spanish , French , German , Arabic , Turkish , Russian , Italian
Customer Service:English


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