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60 Second Binary Options


hands free trading


60 Second Binary Options are a great way to profit up to 75% in one minute. Take advantage of quick market moves by executing a 60 second option. They are similar to standard up/down option except for 2 crucial differences. One is the short 1 minute expiry time. The second main difference is that you can execute the trade at any time. You don’t have to wait for a start time. Just select¬†Asset, Investment amount, Direction and click Start. The trade will begin immediately.

60 Second Binary Options

60 Second Binary Options Order Screen

Click Start and the countdown begins………

60 Second Countdown

Short Term Binary Options

Some brokers have added multiple short term expiration times to their offerings. In the 24option Short Term option feature they have added 2 minute and 5 minute expiration times in addition to the standard 60 seconds.

Short Term Options

24option Short Term Feature

60 Second Binary Options have become extremely popular with traders. It affords you to implement many short term trading strategies and to exploit quick market moves. Almost all brokers offer this exciting trading feature within their assortment of products.


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