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Binary Options Bonuses

Binary Options BonusesBinary options brokers usually give traders a welcome bonus, but these bonuses generally come with certain restrictions. It is important to understand what these are in order to evaluate which broker is offering the best deal. It is also necessary to understand the nature of the broker offering the bonus in order to avoid a scam. Not all the binary options brokers out there are legitimate, and the scammers do a good job at finding their victims by promising outlandish bonuses and benefits. Our team has put this article together to help traders understand where the best binary options bonuses are, and how to pick the best binary options broker.

Welcome Bonus

Binary welcome bonuses are given to investors based on their first deposit. These bonuses generally range between 100% and 200%, but there are brokers that pay less or even brokers that do not offer any welcome bonuses at all. Usually the most established brokers will not offer a welcome bonus. The majority of brokers who do offer a welcome bonus, have some conditions on the bonus. It is important to understand that brokers will not let traders get their bonus and then withdraw it without investing, because that would amount to giving away money without deriving any benefit. This is what you should look for when you are evaluating a binary options bonus:

  • Read the fine print to see which conditions apply
  • Compare the bonus you are being offered to the bonuses that other brokers offer
  • If the bonus deal seems to be too good to be true, make sure you are certain about the broker
  • Brokers that do not offer bonuses are not necessarily bad brokers
  • Read the reviews to understand which broker is the best for you

Bonuses and Scams

Sometimes bigger bonuses mean that you would be giving up on trading through brokers that have the best asset selection for you. In other cases, bigger bonuses mean that the broker is not a trustworthy broker and is looking to scam you. This could be especially true if the broker is giving out a no deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses are rarely ever used, and although they can be used by certain brokers in order to cater to a certain kind of trader and increase its client base, these campaigns are too costly.

In many cases the cost of a binary options no deposit bonus is so high, that it only makes sense if the investor will trade. This means that just like a regular bonus, the investor will need to make a number of trades in order to cash the bonus out. In some extreme cases, the broker will let the investor trade on the no deposit bonus, but will only let the investor cash out if the investor has previously made deposits. In any case it is very important to keep the awareness levels high, because there are a lot of brokers looking to scam people out of their money, and a no deposit bonus could be the perfect excuse.

The Best Bonuses are Here

Make sure you read the reviews and pick a recommended broker. Otherwise you could be facing problems that will not make the bonus promised worth its while. Here is a list of our top recommended brokers with the bonuses available in the binary options industry so you can read the review about the, trade and make money!

Our Top Brokers