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BinaryBook Review



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Min. Deposit:$250

Up to 100% Bonus

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The Basics

Trading with BinaryBook is one of its kind since it offers the best binary options trading and caters for the needs of its traders around the globe. There is nothing better than gauging the trading market in less than no time and start making profit. The payout of BinaryBook goes up to 85%, enabling traders to maximize returns on investment in short delays. A real and rewarding experience is offered combined with strict security measures.


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binarybook homepage

Trading Features

The trading features include a wide variety of trading functions which will keep on engaging the attention of traders, since they are all thrilling and offer various means of gains while trading. They are:

  • Classic binary options
  • Turbo trading which offers quickest money making possibilities when your speculation goes right and earning rates go up to 70-85 % regardless of the amount invested.
  • Pairs trading which is a great way to initiate your trading career and involves predicting the relative performance of two underlying assets, as opposed to the price direction of one asset.
  • Ladder Trading which is ideal for professional traders who have high analytical skills and implicate prediction of the stage-by-stage progress of an underlying asset.
  • Double-Up is a tool that enables traders double their profits by replicating ‘winning’ transactions.
  • Roll-Over is a simple function that allows a trader to extend the expiry time of an opened position if there is an expectation of reaching a higher strike price.
  • Mobile Trading that offers a trader the possibility of trading from anywhere they are on mobile application that can be downloaded on android devices.
  • Refer a Friend is a method through which bonuses are allocated to members who joined the BinaryBook platform and referred a friend as soon as they become members and consequently earn a $100 bonus.


BinaryBook Customer Support

BinaryBook offers a 24/7 customer service support through various reachable means such as live chat, Email and phone support. Adding to the services, the platform is available in three different languages, notably in English, Arabic and Turkish.

The most interesting part of BinaryBook is the learning materials that are at the disposition of all traders in order to keep up with the trading trend. There are videos, learning materials and a daily market analysis that help traders grasp what is actually going on in the market and allow them to make their own accurate assumptions. These materials are an excellent source of information for novice traders which guides them to know binary options trading in less time.


BinaryBook has used the maximum amount of resources, guides and training videos so as to give traders the best trading experience. All the features explained in details are a nice way to move forward in binary options trading and start a fruitful career in this field. The platform has been designed in such a way that it will encourage traders to explore more in the binary options field, offering colored charts and multiple screen views. Even deposits and withdrawals are tackled in a timely manner so that traders do not waste time while trading, keeping in mind their daily hectic schedule. So being said, we recommend BinaryBook and give them a rating 4 out of 5 stars.


Platform:English / Arabic /Turkish
Customer Service:English / Arabic /Turkish


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