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BuzzTrade Review

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 Our Rating


Min. Deposit:$250
Accepts US:No

Up to 100% Bonus


The Basics

BuzzTrade is one of the fastest brokers to establish a presence in the highly competitive market for binary options brokers. BuzzTrade offers unique features that have revolutionized the way in which binary options are used. From its deposit bonus structure to the trading tools the broker has enabled for its customers, the benefits of trading with BuzzTrade are present in every aspect of the trading process. The fact that BuzzTrade is a regulated binary options broker, and holds a CySEC license, gives its customers the credibility necessary to open an account and start trading. This, coupled with their sponsorship of the Porto FC club in Portugal, have helped BuzzTrade boost its client base in a very short period of time.

Their education section and their customer service are also exceptional. Their educational material includes introductory level information on binary options as a whole; basic trading tools and information for beginners; a user guide on how to trade binary options; a list of binary options terms and great binary options courses. Additionally, BuzzTrade is one of the only binary options brokers that offers 1 on 1 training sessions with binary options specialists, for free.

The innovative AirSoft trading platform underpins all their great trading tools, options and exceptional education and customer service. This platform is new in the market and very few binary options brokers use it. BuzzTrade however chose this platform, which has proven to be the right choice for them to differentiate themselves from the competition. This platform enables all the unique trading tools and features that make BuzzTrade stand out.

BuzzTrade Screenshot


Buzz Trade Homepage

Trading Platform

BuzzTrade is one of the only binary options brokers to offer very long term positions, of up to 30 years forward, together with the standard 60 second, 3 minute and 5 minute positions. The basic trading tool for these trading features is the industry favorite high-low. Additionally, BuzzTrade is one of the only binary options brokers to offer a stop-loss feature. This means that traders can set a minimum price level on a given asset that will trigger an automatic sale. This allows investors to manage their exposure to sudden events in the markets, and minimizes losses in the event that something exceptional does happen.


BuzzTrade offers a unique bonus structure with deposit bonuses of up to 100%. Given that BuzzTrade has a deep understanding of the binary options industry and the needs of first time investors, it also offers 5 risk free trades. This means that on the first 5 positions that a trader opens, if the option expires out of the money, the trader will not lose his or her money. BuzzTrade will cover any potential losses on the first five trades, but will also let the traders keep all the proceeds of their first five trades should their time expire in the money. These trades have a payout of up to 88%, and the system is geared towards training new traders to give them all the knowledge needed so they can make profitable trades.


Customer Service

BuzzTrade has exceptional customer service. However, beyond their customer support, their binary options education is what really stands out. BuzzTrade has enlisted the help of investment specialists from around the globe. Investors such as Amar Soboh, who graduated from the University of Sheffield and has been involved with the binary options industry for almost a decade. Amar has acquired an immense amount of experience, by working with top financial firms and receiving the best mentorship available. Amar Soboh has personally trained and guided thousands of novice traders over the span of her career, focusing on fundamental and technical analysis, to improve the ability of various traders. Mentors like Amar will be waiting to coach you one on one and help you achieve success as a binary options trader.



It is clear that BuzzTrade has come a long way in the binary options industry since it was established in 2015. This CySEC regulated broker has a lot to offer in a crowded market. Traders looking for a broker that will give them the edge, should keep BuzzTrade in mind when they decide to enter the binary options industry. There is no doubt that BuzzTrade’s reputation is well founded. This broker is poised to be one of the top 5 brokers in the world.

Platform:English , Russian , Spanish , French , Portuguese
Customer Service:English , Russian , Spanish , French , Portuguese



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