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IvoryOption Review


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Min. Deposit:$250
Platform:Spot 2

Up to 100% Bonus

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The Basics

Ivory Option began as one of the first binary option brokerages, which is why there is such a large following, as they have users from around the world. Ivory Option made a trading scenario that was better than any other broker, by providing higher investing rates per trade.

With a 24 trading market, investors of Ivory Option have every opportunity to make profits, as there are always something to trade.

The broker specializes in high end accounts, and has an advanced trading platform, but introductory traders should not be shy from participating as Ivory Option, provides training courses at all levels for all levels of experience.

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Investors who buy a binary option, are not purchasing the asset itself. At no time will they take possession of the asset, the investment is just a prediction of where the asset will be at the future time.

The beauty of binary options, is that no one will lose more than their initial investment, no matter how far the stock moves. This is important, as it lets traders set up risk management schedules, to better regulate their trading habits.

There are more than 100 assets which may be traded on Ivory Options platform, making them one of the biggest and most diverse brokers.

Many of the trading features are available to investors depending on what bonuses and promotions are being offered, of for what the trader qualifies for, depending on their trading history.



Ivory Option is one of the most strictly regulated brokers, which is why they are so persistent with making sure that all of the required forms are filled out before they allow investors to deposit and withdrawal money into their personal accounts.

Transferring funds is the most important aspect of being a broker, and they try to do everything they can do secure the process and make it smooth for their investors.

Before any trader may participate on the platform, they must have filled out all of the material needed to start their trading experience. The meaning of being so strict, is because with fraud and misrepresentation are such a problem with online trading, and they must protect themselves and their partners in every way they can.


Customer Support

Every new member of Ivory Option is a personal advisor for their portfolio. Typically, the managers are given clients based on location, but the value of the account is also important. The 24 hour help office is there for traders who may have any problems with their account, live the personal advisors are available during working hours.


To find the best binary option broker, traders need to find platform where they feel comfortable trading. Ivory Option has the reputation and proven record to take any trader, experienced or not, and make them a success.



Customer Service:English


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