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Leverate BX8 Platform

Onbx8 logoe of the leading forex trading platforms has now officially made the transition into the binary options space and unveiled a new platform: Leverate BX8. The new platform has been recently unveiled with several brand new binary options brokers under the Leverate umbrella, and it has generated a lot of buzz in the binary options world.

The new Leverate BX8 platform is an incredibly unique design, incorporating classic trading features with new option tall in one screen. That is the main attraction of the platform is exactly that – everything the trader needs can be found within the main trading screen. The assets, price changes, charts, trading features and listings are all available within that main screen, which is much easier for traders to navigate. That main screen is also incredibly well detailed and put together, with striking colors and a clean interface. The nice aesthetics are definitely an added bonus and will help in navigating the trader for new and experienced traders alike.

leverate trading screen

Trading Features

In terms of trading features, the new Leverate BX8 system overs a range of different binary options trading methods that will be familiar to some and new and exciting for many others. There is the classic Call vs. Put binary options trading feature which allows the trader to choose an asset and a trade amount and decide whether the asset will increase or decrease in price. This feature is the most standard binary options trading feature and is the staple of the platform. From there, the platform also includes 60 Second Trading – where the trader can input a trade with the time limit being only one minute. This feature allows new traders to get a feel for binary options trading within a minimal amount of time and learn what they can improve or do differently.

60 seconds trading

Both new and experienced traders can benefit from these two trading features, but there is also a new option that Leverate has really scored with. Traders using the Leverate BX8 platform can now trade using the OneClick Trading feature. This allows them to make binary options trades with just one click of their mouse – allowing new traders to get a quick idea of how binary options trading works, and helping experienced traders get through specific traders rather quickly.

one click trading

All traders can try out these features at several brand new binary options brokers who have implemented the Leverate BX8 platform. One such broker, Trade Thunder, has included the trader within its niche binary options platform allowing traders to begin trading after depositing a minimum of $10. The site also allows for free demo accounts for each trader in order to get a feel for the new platform and for binary options trading.

Watch our guided platform review to see it in action

The new Leverate BX8 platform seems to be a hit and the company has definitely used its experience from the forex world and implemented that well into binary options. With its new features and sleek design, the new Leverate platform is a great place to trade.

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