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Nadex Review


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NADEX does not accept traders from outside of the US, for a list of brokers that accept Non-US traders click here 

The Basics

Nadex, the only CFTC regulated binary options broker has created a whole different approach to binary options trading. They use their own trading platform called Paragonx, which is elegantly designed. Their degree of sophistication are indicative of the involvement of the parent company, IG Group, based in London, UK. Nadex offers rich and highly informative news reels and other investment support to its clients, unparalleled in the binary options industry.

It is important to highlight the fact that unlike many other brokers in the binary options industry, Nadex does not profit from any gains on any given trade. Nadex charges a fee for every transaction. Nadex does not intervene in the order besides offering its services as a registered exchange and clearing house. Since their platform and their trading philosophy is very different, Nadex offers all its users a demo to learn how to use all the instrument on their platform. Nadex will always be an unbiased service provider, charging a fee for your trades. Their website provides a clear fee chart that will make everything clear for the investor.

Nadex also keeps your funds safe through third party accounts in which investors’ money is held. It is important to highlight the fact that once you set up an account, your funds will not be held by Nadex but will rather be deposited in bank accounts at either BMO Harris or Fifth Third. Both banks have a long tradition working with investment accounts of various types. CFTC regulation requires Nadex to comply with this requirement. This feature makes sure that the investor’s funds cannot be withheld once the investor decides to withdraw them.

There are no fixed out payment percentages with Nadex. When your order closes out, and if it closes according to your predictions, your return will depend on how high above or how low below the given price you set the order to close for. Your return will also be affected by the number of contracts you bought. Besides the demo, Nadex offers a detailed explanation about how trading on their platform works. This is part of their great commitment to transparency and honesty, and it is sure to raise Nadex’s profile in reviews.

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Nadex Customer Service

Nadex is also committed to an extremely high standard of customer service. They provide a 1-800 number to make sure that investor will always have the support necessary if there are any issues with the platform, security concerns and login trouble. Nadex also provides quality educational material for investors as well as their own in-house news reel Their information is backed up by sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters. Nadex offers its customers unique features that make it stand out in the industry, such as:

  • Daily and weekly Bitcoin binary options contracts
  • Full CFTC regulatory oversight
  • All member funds are held in top tier US banks
  • Cap checks to ensure they hold the funds to cover the maximum possible profit in advance of every trade
  • Matching buyers and sellers to open a position in the market
  • Free account with minimum initial deposit of $100 needed to start trading
  • Making sure there is enough collateral in your account to complete the open ticket
  • 1099B tax forms sent to its members at the beginning of the year


There is no doubt that Nadex will be a dominant player in the US market even if other player gain access to it. To date, it is the only broker under CFTC review and regulation, with which US customers are legally allowed to participate in the binary options market. The differences in regulation between Europe and the US mean that Nadex offers its clients a very different trading experience than what the European traders are used to. That is why using the demo can be highly informative, as well as informative reviews on how it works. Nadex offers its clients a highly sophisticated service, which goes hand in hand with the standards set by its parent company, FTSE listed IG Group. CFTC regulation, the quality of the services provided, the level of security and the backing of an investment company like IG Groupe make Nadex a special player in the binary options industry. Open your account for free, and try their Demo Account.


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