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Option Range Review

This Broker has been closed down, you can see a full list of out of business brokers here. To see a full list of all broker ratings, click here.


OptionRange Review

Up to 50% Deposit Bonus

Min. Deposit:$50
US Accepted:Yes

Our Rating


Option Range is a Binary Options Broker operating on the TradoLogic platform. They offer a great opportunity for traders to test the platform and start out with live trading with a minimal investment. They offer a free no deposit demo account to help get you acclimated with the software. When you are ready for live trading they have only a $50 minimum deposit requirement. From there you can utilize trading features such as Touch and Range trading. Platform is easy to navigate and simple to use making Option Range a great broker choice for new traders and experienced traders alike.


OptionRange Screen Shots


Languages at OptionRange

Platform:English /, French , Russian
Customer Service:English /, French , Russian

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