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Binary Options Brokers That Left the Industry

Unfortunately the following Binary Options Brokers are out of business. We’ve added this page to track brokers that have ceased to exist. These brokers will no longer be around and there is little chance of them returning.

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Here is the most recent list of brokers to have shut down:

These brokers will likely never return to the industry, since they would struggle with branding issues. That is why before you decide on where to trade, remember that there are brokers that have broad client bases, exceptional customer service and offer the most solid platforms, are the ones who will probably survive. Some of these brokers have even designed new trading options which will solidify their position in the market.

Investors should know that no one can guarantee a given broker will survive the level of competition in this industry. It is important to understand that spot option brokers are not different from any other company. This means that even the most well established brokers are constantly competing to offer clients better services to keep their market share or make it grow. In any case even the market leaders may fall for various reasons, although it is more unlikely.

As an investor you should do your due diligence before you open an account. Check to make sure that the broker is not a scam. Always look for online reviews and get to know the brokers before you chose one to open an account with. Make sure you follow our reviewed brokers for the latest information on brokers that we have reviewed.

We will keep our information on brokers updated, including this list of brokers that have closed down. For the latest information on anything binary, subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

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