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PWRtrade Review


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Min. Deposit:$250

Up to 100% Bonus

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The Basics

PWRtrade is an online binary options trading broker based in the United Kingdom. They currently have one of the highest retention rates in the market due specifically to their extensive and innovative marketing features as well as high returns for their clients. Customers can use their site to perform a wide variety of trading functions, including all the classical Binary options trading as well as more advanced, unique features.  PWRtrade has received accolades for their versatile platform offering resources and trading capabilities for all traders – be they beginners or more experienced users. In addition, the site’s security is being constantly strengthened with state-of-the-art encryption methods to ensure the platform’s viability and protection.

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PWRtrade Information 

PWRtrade stands as one of the more innovative and flexible brokers in the market. Specifically, they have paved the way with their Social Trading capabilities. One development – in particular – is the ‘Follow’ feature. This lets users see other traders’ activity (as well as follow specific ones chosen by the users). This feature provides a major advantage for PWRtrade’s users. Beginner traders can use it to learn from the experience of successful traders, while more experienced traders can analyze trading trends to lead in the market.

Another feature of PWRtrade is the relative ease with which new users can start trading, as well as the low-risk involved. First, unlike most other companies, PWRtrade doesn’t require a large starting deposit. Upon opening an account, customers receive a generous starting bonus. This means low risk and high trading potential for their clients. Second, for clients completely new to binary options trading, the site offers a comprehensive Education Center with all the eBooks, video courses and tutorials necessary to bring any novice to an advanced level of understanding.

In addition to the simple, yet flexible platform, PWRtrade boasts a top-notch Customer Support Center. The Broker operates a team of representatives available 24 hours a day by either webchat or phone. They can assist clients with any questions they may have, as well as help solve any difficulties they may encounter. However, PWRtrade’s customer support doesn’t end there: service representatives offer guidance and advice to their clients to help them succeed in the market and maximize their profits.


PWRtrade’s excellent retention level speaks for itself. The broker has a proven track record of providing all the capabilities and advantages necessary for their clients to succeed in the binary options trading market. PWRtrade’s social trading expertise make them stand out above the rest of the market. In addition, the low risk and starting deposit involved allow users incredible opportunities to maximize their profits. Trading with them is also a perfect start for beginner users, as the platform is built to help guide novices and provide continual assistance throughout the process.



Platform:English , Arabic, German
Customer Service:English , Arabic, German


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